Drax welcomes innovative heat pump optimisation opportunity to flexibility portfolio

Drax is excited to announce the optimisation of a commercial 380kWh ground source heat pump at a farm in south east Scotland.

As well as allowing the farm to participate in flexibility markets, this project represents what’s widely believed to be the critical net zero heat source of the future.

The project uses the pump to provide low-temperature heating and cooling to its produce stores, with a new power connection handled by ENEXA.

Drax has been commissioned to automatically down-turn the heat-pump and associated assets with control equipment provided by Drax’s service provider, Upside Energy. This allows income for the farm to be generated from a variety of flexibility market streams. “Our asset optimisation model is unique in providing a commitment to a pre-defined annual ‘flexibility value’ for our supply customers,” commented Jake Miller, Head of Electric Assets.

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