US energy storage capacity soars by 252%

The US saw the ‘biggest’ first quarter in the history of the energy storage market

Big Zero Report 2022

If you’re an American facing a blackout don’t worry – batteries will save you!

The installations of new energy storage systems have increased by 252% during the first quarter of the year.

New research by research and consultancy group Wood Mackenzie and the US Energy Storage Association (ESA) estimates 910MW of new energy storage capacity has been brought online in the first months of 2021.

The authors of the report suggest that is the biggest first quarter so far for the US energy storage market.

In addition, Wood Mackenzie predicts that nearly 12,000MWh of new storage will be added this year.

That is almost three times the amount of new storage added in 2020, according to the analysis.

Jason Burwen, ESA Interim Chief Executive Officer, said: “It’s clear that the energy storage market is poised for tremendous growth in 2021 and beyond.

The ‘Storage Decade’ is upon us, with the convergence of a transforming power and transportation system, and the growing need for decarbonisation and resilience.”

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