German renewables investor launches its carbon measurement business

AQ Green TeC aims to help businesses measure their emissions across their value chain accurately and credibly

Big Zero Report 2022

A giant in renewable energy investment management Aquila Capital, has launched its new business, Aquila Green TeC (AQ Green Tech) to help businesses and organisations measure, reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

Aquila Capital manages around €13 billion (£11.2bn) on behalf of institutional investors globally.

AQ Green Tech offers a platform that measures Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions accurately and credibly.

Following an accurate measurement, AQ Green TeC is able to propose energy efficiency measures using resources with Aquila Capital.

As a final step, AQ Green TeC provides credible, certified offsetting solutions.

David Grundlingh, Chief Executive Officer of the new venture, who had previously worked with Formula E to implement its carbon-neutral strategy, said: “Our vision for AQ Green TeC is to bring credibility, accessibility and impact to the business challenge around carbon measurement, reduction and offsetting.

“The future of the planet is not just an isolated box-ticking exercise anymore. Governments see the enormity of the challenge and are mandating change, while consumers increasingly expect to see the brands they trust help them reduce and, in some cases, compensate for their emissions.

“We want to provide everyone with a chance to get involved, engendering a sense of shared ownership and responsibility.”

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