COP26 Live: Bill Gates doubts 1.5°C limit is achievable

Microsoft Co-Founder said that there is nothing in the history of humanity that compares to what people today have to do to avert climate crisis

Bill Gates has said limiting global warming to 1.5°C will be very difficult, if not unachievable.

In an interview with Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Chair of the Health Select Committee, the Microsoft Co-Founder, entrepreneur and businessman said: “There’s no comparable feat that mankind has ever achieved, to what we need to do for climate change.

“Now, mankind is much richer today, far more knowledgeable today. We do have the digital tools that enable us to work on these things.

“And we have many paths of innovation, we’re not just counting on one path. But we will have to see rapid innovation. It’s all a matter of degrees, so to speak.

“That is, hitting 2.5°C is better than hitting 3°C, hitting 2°C is better than the hitting 2.5°C. 1.5c will be very difficult. I doubt that we’ll be able to achieve that.”

Earlier on the sidelines of COP26, Bill Gates met India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussing the potential of further investments in scientific and agriculture research and development projects

A few days ago, the Prime Minister launched with Bill Gates a £400 million partnership to support green investment in clean energy technologies.

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