Scottish ‘pint-sized’ satellites to monitor climate change

They were launched at 4.27am from Sriharikota in India today by the Indian Space Research Organisation

Yorkshire Water says satellite trial for leak detection was a success

The firm will now move on to the second stage of the £300,000 investment

Seventh EU satellite to monitor ocean and land

It will help improve the understanding of sea level changes and marine pollution which are important climate change indicators

Water-scanning satellite hits the skies above Scotland

An innovative new study to monitor Scotland’s lakes from space has been launched. Experts from the University of Stirling will use Sentinel satellites to improve the quality and efficiency of water quality sampling. The £70,000 year-long study aims to identify contaminants in bodies of water such as the nation’s lochs – this pollution could be in […]

UK funds space-based environmental solutions

The UK Space Agency is providing £38 million in funding to use satellite technology to help deliver innovative solutions to global issues. It has announced grants for 10 projects, worth £38 million in total, which include work into climate change mitigation, forestry, carbon emissions reduction and disaster management. Leatherhead-based technology firm CGI received £2 million […]

Farmers get fruity and save water with satellite tech

Drought-stricken farmers in South Africa are using satellite data to monitor the efficiency of their water use. Dutch company eLEAF says through using its FruitLook technology, users have reported water savings and improvements of at least 10%. The Western Cape Department of Agriculture is providing the service without charge to fruit farmers – it works […]

New satellite releases images of global air pollution

  First images of global air pollution have been released by a new satellite that was launched last month. The UK-Dutch built Sentinel-5P is the sixth satellite under Europe’s leading environmental programme Copernicus, which monitors the atmosphere to help understand the spread of key pollutants and their impact on the planet. The new mission promises […]

Blast off! NASA mission hunts Earth’s carbon sinks

US space agency NASA launched a satellite today which will pinpoint what parts of the Earth’s atmosphere and land emit and suck in the most carbon dioxide. Called Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 or OCO-2 for short, the satellite’s mission will take a minimum of two years. NASA scientists say these carbon dioxide “sinks” are part of […]