British Gas pulls the plug on its brand Evolve

British Gas Evolve supplied around 250,000 customers

Big Zero Report 2022

Centrica has axed its online energy brand British Gas Evolve after just a year from its launch.

The brand was introduced as a new “low-cost and hassle-free” supplier and initially welcomed a limited number of customers on third-party websites.

Run by a separate business unit within parent company Centrica, British Gas Evolve supplied around 250,000 customers.

That number includes 50,000 customers who were transferred to the company after Simplicity Energy went bust.

In a brief announcement, the company wrote on its website: “British Gas Evolve launched in 2020. Since then, our customers have told us that ‘British Gas’ is a name they know and trust.

“Although our name is changing, everything else will stay exactly the same. We will continue to keep improving our services to bring you an easier experience and sustainable energy.

“Don’t worry your energy supply won’t be affected and your tariff and payment details will remain the same.”

Last month, Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive of British Gas owner Centrica predicted that billpayers could pay at least £100 in extra costs as a result of the collapses of a string of energy suppliers.

ELN has approached Centrica for a response.

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