Government unveils new green building rules

Homes, offices and shops need to produce around 30% fewer emissions than current standards

The government has today unveiled new regulations that will require all new homes to produce around 30% less carbon dioxide than current standards.

It will also mandate other new buildings, including offices and shops must emit around 27% fewer emissions.

The changes follow a public consultation and will come into effect from June 2022.

It is estimated that heating and powering buildings combined currently make up nearly 40% of the UK’s total energy use – low carbon technologies, including solar panels and heat pumps are capable of lowering the energy consumption.

Housing Minister Eddie Hughes said: “The government is doing everything it can to deliver net zero and slashing carbon dioxide emissions from homes and buildings is vital to achieving this commitment.

“The changes will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the buildings where we live, work and spend our free time and are an important step on our country’s journey towards a cleaner, greener built environment.”

A recent report by the National Housing Federation suggested that England’s homes emit more emissions than all of the country’s cars.

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