Spain to invest €6.9bn in renewables by 2023

It is also looking to attract €9.45bn in private investment to clean up its energy mix

Pathway to COP26 report

The Spanish government has announced it will invest €6.9 billion (£5.8bn) in renewables, green hydrogen and energy storage during the next two years.

The announcement comes as part of the country’s recovery plan from the pandemic, with it also looking to attract private investment of €9.45 billion (£8.02bn) to accelerate its journey towards a cleaner infrastructure and energy mix.

The President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, said: “We have courageously and effectively tackled the problems facing Spaniards – but the duty of a good government is to do much more than that.

“It is to work thoroughly for tomorrow. A good government must think not only of the next elections but also of the next generations.”

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