Leicester Square secures new electric feel by UKPN

UKPN will install a new transformer under Leicester Square

Hidden beneath the gardens and a ticket office at Leicester Square in London, a substation promises to give reliable power supplies for years to come.

Engineers of UK Power Networks (UKPN) are currently working on the £16.2 million upgrade of the system that will boost the entertainment district in the capital.

More specifically, the third of three large transformers recently arrived on site – the technology is designed to meet greater energy demand in the area.

A transformer is normally a device that steps down the power voltage so that electricity can be safely delivered to local homes and businesses.

The underground substation was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1991 and after three decades, UKPN is replacing some of the equipment with greener models.

Project manager Jason Gunning said: “We are committed to running safe and reliable power supplies across London and this work is essential to preserve the future resilience of local power supplies to help the area thrive.

“We started this project in November 2020 and used the unique opportunity during lockdown to press on with the work, and it’s been very important to us to engage in discussions with people who may have been impacted by our work, to agree the best working methods for this busy site.”

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