One-in-four ‘stay without heating for whole day to save on bills’

Half of Brits have cut back on their electricity consumption, according to a new survey

Nearly 26% of Britons have had to go without heating all day to combat the financial pressure caused by increasing energy prices.

That’s according to a new poll by the Mail On Sunday which shows half of the respondents admitted to having cut back on their electricity consumption.

The survey also found that a staggering 70% have made day-to-day changes to their lives because of the rising cost of living.

These changes include turning the lights off, putting on extra clothing and driving less.

In recent weeks, the government has faced criticism over its Energy Security Strategy and its alleged limited ability to help with the cost of living crisis.

A recent report by Cornwall Insight predicted that energy bills will stay above £2,000 for two more years.

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