Energy bills causing the biggest financial pain for 48% of Londoners

People are more concerned about rising energy bills than rent or mortgage payments, according to a new survey

Skyrocketing energy bills put the greatest pressure on the cost of living of nearly 48% of people living in the capital.

That’s according to a new You Gov survey conducted for Queen Mary University of London’s Mile End Institute which shows that Londoners are more concerned about how much they are paying for energy than rent or mortgage.

The new price cap which came into force on 1st April added around £700 to energy bills.

Rent or mortgage payments were the second most frequently mentioned concern, cited by 23% of people.

Food costs and fuel prices were highlighted by 12% and 4% respectively.

Among Londoners aged 65 and over, almost 73% touted energy bills as their top concern.

The latest Office for National Statistics report suggested nearly 43% of Britons said “it was very or somewhat difficult” to afford their energy bills in March.

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