Nearly 89% of Britons express concerns over energy affordability

Almost 87% of Brits voice their concerns about the country’s dependency on energy from abroad, according to a new survey

UK households resort to risky methods to cut energy usage, ministers warned

Last winter, nearly 57% of adults who had to cut fuel usage due to financial constraints suffered negative impacts on their health and well-being, a public body has found

‘Energy sector struggles with digital and data skills gap’

Nearly 40% of energy businesses struggle to recruit data scientists with appropriate skills and knowledge, according to a survey

Nearly two-thirds of Londoners back ban on wood burners

Poll shows that across the UK, half of the people support a wood burner ban

The Carbon Column – Sustainability is more than net zero

In this article I address the wider term of sustainable development that is often forgotten

SMEs expect turnover to shrink as slimmed down energy bill support is unveiled

More than three-quarters of SMEs are concerned about the reduction in government support on their energy bills, according to a new survey

Manufacturers believe ‘seismic energy price increases show no signs of abating’

Nearly 70% of businesses expect their energy costs to increase this year, according to a new survey

‘One-in-four adults will not turn on heating this winter’

Almost one-in-three adults with children plan not to turn their heating on, new survey shows

“Government should treat energy efficiency as a national emergency”

Nick Wayth, Chief Executive at Energy Institute spoke to ELN about the findings of the Energy Barometer survey amid the “biggest” crisis since the 1970s

Disabled consumers ‘face limited options when choosing energy suppliers’

The majority of disabled people find that more expensive utility providers are more accessible, according to a survey