Majority of customers ‘want to save energy but don’t know how’

A new report highlights a general lack of consumer awareness, with 45% of people still being unsure about which domestic appliances use the most power

US fossil fuels
‘Most Americans support drastically reducing fossil fuel use’

According to a new poll, many US citizens believe this would be a good way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change

The Muswell Hill Moment: 2040 petrol and diesel ban

What do the public think?

Majority of UK MPs ‘in the dark about falling energy bills’

New analysis suggests the average standard dual fuel bill reduced by £6 between 2016 and 2017

SSEN says ‘leaf it out’ to trees damaging the grid

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has started using innovative 3D laser scanning technology mounted on helicopters to survey its overhead electricity network. The distribution company uses the equipment, referred to as LiDAR, to scan how close trees are to power lines – this data is then used to carry out preventative works designed to […]

Half of public say ‘climate change is global catastrophe’

Nearly half (48%) of people say climate change is definitely a global catastrophic risk. According to a new survey conducted by the Global Challenges Foundation, a further 36% said they tended to agree with this. Only 14% of the 8,101 members of the public from across eight countries didn’t think this was the case. Around 53% of […]

Record 64% of Brits believe in human-caused climate change

A growing majority of UK citizens say human-caused climate change is happening. A new survey from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) shows the figure has now reached 64% of British adults. The understanding that global warming is real and happening as a result of burning fossil fuels has steadily become more widespread since 2014 (57%) and 2015 (59%). The survey also […]

Consumers not concerned about energy bills, finds BEIS

Consumer concerns about being able to afford energy bills are at the lowest point since 2012, with only 21% of households worried about paying them. That’s 4% down on last year, according to new statistics from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). More than 2,000 households were interviewed between the 28th of […]

Stop farting and don’t use toilet paper to save the world!

A new survey has revealed the lengths some people are willing to go for a greener lifestyle. According to a poll carried out by renewable supplier Good Energy, some outlandish green ideas to save the environment include using a scythe instead of a lawnmower, eating less baked beans to reduce personal methane emissions and not […]

Brits ‘confused over sources of emissions’

The public is “increasingly concerned” about tackling climate change in the UK but have little understanding of the sources of emissions. That’s according to a new poll which revealed 37% of people believe this month’s floods were caused as a result of climate change. However when questioned about energy sources, almost 20% believe nuclear is […]