Energy bills causing the biggest financial pain for 48% of Londoners

People are more concerned about rising energy bills than rent or mortgage payments, according to a new survey

Energy bill-fuelled financial insecurity named as ‘biggest concern’ for Brits

Britons are more concerned about finances than catching Covid, a new survey shows

‘More than a third struggle to pay water bills fairly frequently’

Just a third of customers would trust their water firm to fix a problem quickly, according to a new survey

Majority of Brits ‘willing to pay more for energy bills to undermine Russia’s war’

Reducing gas consumption is seen as the best way to cut the UK’s reliance on Russian gas, according to a new survey

Majority of Germans ‘want reliance on Russian gas reduced’

A new survey also revealed 74% of people consider it important for Germany to become independent of gas imports, for example, the gas delivered via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Nearly a quarter of Brits ‘have no idea about the Energy Bills Rebate scheme’

One-in-four are unaware that the ‘discount’ on energy bills has to be paid back, new survey finds

Half of Brits expect utility bills to skyrocket!

That view is shared by 68% of those in the age group 55-75, new survey finds

Gen A kids call for more renewable energy

Nearly 59% of kids aged 6-15 years want to see more renewables power their schools, according to a new survey

Almost 36% of Scots are struggling to pay their energy bills

Nearly 80% of Scots cited rising energy costs as the reason for that struggle, according to new research

Less than half of young energy professionals ‘feel confident that the UK will hit net zero target’

Energy UK’s latest survey shows that eight in ten energy industry professionals of the younger generation agree that the government needs to focus more on energy transition