Direct debit cancellations have skyrocketed, says OVO Energy

One-in-five customers in Scotland are unable to pay their bills on time. according to the energy supplier

OVO Energy’s direct debit cancellations have increased by 63% since February.

That’s according to figures that have been revealed in evidence submitted to Scottish Parliament’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee in response to an inquiry into energy prices.

The energy supplier said it has already seen the effects of energy price rises.

It suggested of its customers who usually pay in full when they receive a bill, one-in-five are currently not paying the full amount, up from less than one-in-ten last year.

The company also said the number of its prepayment customers approaching it for additional help has also increased markedly.

It added that it has also increased the number of discretionary payments by 85%, with the value of payments also going up around 60%.

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