Energy efficiency measures to cut Devon farmhouses’ emissions by 70%

Devon will ‘retrofit’ all 68 farmhouses across its Farms Estate

Farmhouses in Devon, South West England are set to receive an energy efficiency boost in a bid to help the region cut its emissions.

Farmers will see their houses become more efficient as the Devon County Council plans to retrofit all 68 farmhouses across its Farms Estate.

The Estate currently consists of residential dairy and mixed livestock ‘farms totalling 3,873 hectares.

The upgrades include solar panels, double glazing and cavity wall, loft and floor insulation.

The measures are predicted to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions emitted by the farmhouses by up to 70%.

Councillor Rufus Gilbert, Cabinet Member for Economic Recovery and Skills said: “These upgrades will make the lives of our tenant farmers easier by helping to keep their energy costs down and make it more likely that they will stay in the industry and then progress to perhaps their own farm.”

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