Disabled consumers ‘face limited options when choosing energy suppliers’

The majority of disabled people find that more expensive utility providers are more accessible, according to a survey

Disabled consumers in the UK experience limited choice and feelings of disempowerment when choosing utility providers.

That’s one of the worrying findings of new polling by the Business Disability Forum which shows more than six-in-ten people said that their disability or access needs had made it more difficult to receive the information they needed about their utilities.

Nearly 71% of disabled consumers said that their disability or access needs has influenced their choice of provider or account to some extent.

Almost 62% said that finding and accessing the information they needed was more challenging because of their disability or access needs.

In general, respondents felt that more expensive providers were more accessible.

Diane Lightfoot, Chief Executive Officer of Business Disability Forum, said: “For disabled people, the need for better access to services and products has never been more urgent. Many disabled people face additional costs associated with having a disability.

“With living costs rising, it is more important than ever that disabled consumers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions and to get the best deals possible.”

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