COP26 President: “I may quit if new PM dumps net zero pledge”

As the race for the new Prime Minister continues, Alok Sharma has said the green agenda is necessary to avert “incredible damage”

The COP26 President has said he might quit if the newly elected Prime Minister dumps the UK’s net zero commitment.

The bold statement from Alok Sharma came as the Tory leadership race is in full swing as the candidates prepare to whittle down to four later today.

In an interview with the Observer, the climate chief said the continuation of the UK’s efforts to push the green agenda is essential to avoid “incredible damage”.

Mr Sharma added: “Anyone aspiring to lead our country needs to demonstrate that they take this issue (global warming) incredibly seriously, that they are willing to continue to lead and take up the mantle that Boris Johnson started off.

“I wanted to see candidates very proactively set out their support for our net zero agenda for green growth.”

The COP26 President made the comments as the UK prepares for the hottest days on record – a weather pattern that has been triggered by climate change,  according to many scientists.

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