National Grid ESO on a mission to free up space for net zero

The initiative aims to make connections to the national electricity transmission network more quickly

Big Zero Report 2022

The electricity system operator has launched an initiative to make the process of connecting to the national electricity transmission network much easier for new projects.

The new approach, called Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) amnesty, aims to remove stalled projects taking space on the register.

The TEC register orders the queue for connections to the national electricity transmission network and includes all projects that seek a connection offer.

Under the new plan, those on the register whose projects are unlikely to reach delivery are being given the opportunity to leave the register at no cost or at a reduced fee.

The scheme is part of ESO’s plan to deliver a net zero electricity network by 2035 and 50GW of offshore wind by 2030.

Julian Leslie, ESO Head of Networks at National Grid ESO, said: “We are here to help build a system of the future that is clean, reliable and fair. We realise that to deliver net zero, we need to free up space on the connections register so that new low carbon projects can connect much more quickly.

“This new initiative will help to address issues developers have faced in securing connections and will save consumers money by streamlining the use of our existing network and reducing the need for additional infrastructure, which can take time and significant investment to deliver.”

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