Fracking vote creates rebellious tremors in Commons

The government won by 326 to 230, with 40 Tory MPs abstaining from vote

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The government has won the fracking vote in a parliamentary day which has been touted as chaotic as 40 Tory MPs did not vote.

A few days ago, Liz Truss lifted the fracking moratorium in England to boost the UK’s energy supplies. The Labour Party tabled an opposition motion that would guarantee time for a bill to ban fracking.

The government saw 40 Tories, including Kwasi Kwarteng, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries, abstain in the opposition day motion.

The Former Energy Minister and head of the Prime Minister’s review of net zero, Chris Skidmore made clear he could not vote with the government.

Mr Skidmore said: “As the former Energy Minister who signed net zero into law for the sake of our environment and climate, I cannot personally vote tonight to support fracking and undermine the pledges I made at the 2019 General Election.

“I am prepared to face the consequences of my decision.”

Responding to the vote on Labour’s opposition day motion to ban fracking, Jamie Peters, Fracking Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said: “The fact that Conservative MPs publicly stated that they would vote with Labour is truly extraordinary.

“There is clearly significant and mounting opposition to fracking across the political spectrum. The Business Secretary’s amendment shows the government is now finally recognising the strength of feeling against fracking and the evident dissatisfaction within its own ranks.

“It shows just how deeply unpopular it is across Westminster, not to mention with the public – not helped by the fact that the government’s plans are devoid of scientific backing.”

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