‘Majority of homeowners worried about heating costs this winter’

Nearly 34% of Brits are ‘extremely worried’ about the cost of heating, new survey shows

Concerns over heating cost rise as temperatures drop in Britain.

A survey of 2,000 UK homeowners conducted by industry association Heating and Hot Water Industry Council has found that nearly 93% of Britons are worried about the price of heating in the coming months.

The polling also shows that a third of Brits are ‘extremely worried’ about the cost of heating.

Experts are projecting sharp price increases for home heating compared to last winter as Russia’s continued curtailment of natural gas has pushed prices even higher.

The trade body has raised concerns that worried Britons could be making costly mistakes by changing their heating behaviours to save on bills.

Nearly 36% of people said they would only be turning their heating on when it is ‘absolutely freezing’ while 57% of homeowners have their heating at 19°C or above during the winter, a temperature that could be more costly when it is cold outside.

Stewart Clements, the organisation’s Director, said: “The energy crisis has made everyone conscious of their heating habits and worries about affording bills are clearly making people question whether they can afford to heat their home.

“We want to make sure that people are heating their homes correctly and don’t fall into the trap of wasting energy through inefficient heating practices.

“For example, lowering the thermostat and heating the home as you would have normally done may reduce your energy consumption while ensuring your home reaches a comfortable temperature.

“Heating at a higher temperature for longer may be consuming lots of energy, yet you will not notice it heating your home.”

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