National Grid triggers a capacity market notice and cancels it

The system operator said it was confident that the grid’s electricity margins were sufficient for last night

The National Grid has issued a warning on its capacity for Tuesday night, starting 7pm.

However, the ESO withdrew the capacity market notice (CMN) at 2.33pm.

The system’s notices are usually associated with managing winter’s higher electricity demand.

Yesterday, in a series of tweets, National Grid ESO explained: “The ESO is confident that electricity margins are sufficient for this evening. However, a CMN has been triggered by the automated system.

“CMN forecasts are issued automatically and are only based on information in the public domain. They do not take into account all the factors which our engineers are working on.”

Phil Hewitt, Director at EnAppSys, said: “This is the first tight day of the winter, but it is not super tight. It is a small appetiser of tightness, there will be much tighter days ahead.”

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