Octopus Energy pays £1m to customers for four hours of flexibility service

Customers were paid to cut energy consumption during peak hours

Octopus Energy customers across the UK have received a share of a total of £1 million for reducing their energy usage at peak hours.

This is part of the company’s energy saving scheme enabled by National Grid ESO’s ‘Demand Flexibility Service’, which allows households to get paid for shifting their energy usage out of peak times.

Octopus said more than a quarter of a million customers took part in each of the hour-long sessions.

It is estimated that households lowered the energy demand on the grid during each of these peak periods by more than 100MW, the same amount as a gas power station can produce in an hour.

Across all four sessions, customers moved almost 450MWh of energy consumption out of peak times, that’s enough energy to fully charge one smartphone per UK household, Octopus said.

Alex Schoch, Head of Flexibility at Octopus Energy Group, commented: “Normally, this money would have gone to businesses or dirty gas power plants to balance energy demand, instead it’s helping people lower their energy bills this winter.”

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