UK wind turbines spin new record

Wind generated 20.918GW on 30th December

Big Zero Report 2022

The UK’s onshore and offshore wind farms generated more than 20GW, setting a new record for the third time in a year.

According to data from Britain’s electricity system operator, on Friday 30th December 2022, UK wind generation broke a new record with 20,918GW of wind generation.

The previous record was set on 2nd November, with 20,896GW.

The electricity system operator continued: “The 30th also saw a new record for the percentage of zero carbon electricity generated onto the grid, with a new record of 87.2%, showing that we are getting ever closer to 100% zero carbon operation.”

RenewableUK’s Chief Executive Officer Dan McGrail said: “The fact that the UK’s onshore and offshore wind farms keep setting new electricity generation records shows just how important this technology has become in our modern energy system.

“Wind power is playing a central role in keeping UK homes and businesses powered up at the coldest time of the year.”

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