Fewer Britons are using gas central heating to heat their homes

The use of gas central heating went down from 78% to 57% since winter 2021, government data shows

In winter 2022, gas central heating usage decreased significantly, according to a government report.

A poll of 3,571 adults, surveyed from 17th November to 19th December 2022, shows that gas central heating was still the main system used for heating homes, but it decreased from 78% to 57% compared to winter 2021.

Official data shows that portable electric heaters saw an increase from 3% to 11%, solid fuel and wood heaters from 1% to 7% and natural gas heaters from 1% to 4%.

The authors of the report suggest this indicates a shift towards heating methods that can target smaller spaces.

As energy prices have risen in recent months, many people have attempted to save costs and stay warm by keeping their central heating off.

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