Government under fire for Energy Price Guarantee freeze

The SNP Westminster leader has said Scottish households are facing more than double their energy bills in 2021

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Ministers face fierce criticism over their decision to freeze the government’s flagship energy bill support scheme.

According to the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Stephen Flynn, Scottish households are paying an “unacceptable price for Westminster failure” as a result of the government’s decision to freeze the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG).

Mr Flynn has warned that Scottish families will pay more than double their energy fees in 2021, when the price cap was £1,138 and that real household disposable income in the UK is expected to fall by 6% between 2022/23 and 2023/24.

Flynn had previously urged the Chancellor to cut the EPG, but instead, the government chose to scrap the £400 energy rebate.

The SNP argues that Scottish families should not be footing the bill for Westminster’s mistakes and that the government should u-turn and slash bills.

However, a Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesman has defended the EPG, stating that billpayers in Scotland are receiving unprecedented support from the government and the EPG will remain at £2,500 until the end of June 2023, including in Scotland.

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