Greta Thunberg donates €150k for regions impacted by climate crisis

The funding will be shared by organisations helping parts of Africa swept by heatwaves, droughts and floods

Greta Thunberg to donate €1m for green projects

The money comes from an award the Swedish teen activist has won and will be used to support environmental causes around the world

Greta Thunberg calls for #DigitalStrike amid coronavirus outbreak

The 17-year-old activist has encouraged young people to take their climate protests to Twitter rather than the streets

Greta Thunberg: ‘I will not be silenced’

More than 30,000 people attend Greta Thunberg’s climate change protest in Bristol

Good Energy tells staff to strike with Greta Thunberg

The employees have been told they do not need to book time off in order to join the youth strike in Bristol

Greta Thunberg to lead school strike for climate at Bristol

The climate activist has revealed she is ‘heading to the UK’ to join a youth climate protest

‘Generation Greta’: 23% of young people to pursue ‘green careers’

More than half of UK teenagers aged between 15 and 18 think climate change is the biggest problem in the world while 77% admit the 16-year-old Swedish activist has influenced them

Beetle species named after Greta Thunberg

Nelloptodes gretae belongs to a group of some of the smallest known animals, called Ptiliidae, usually found in leaf litter and soil

Vladimir Putin slams Greta Thunberg’s impassioned climate speech

The Russian leader said “nobody explained to Greta that the modern world is complicated and complex”

Greta Thunberg tells world leaders: ‘You have stolen my dreams and my childhood’

In an impassioned speech delivered at a UN climate summit, the 16-year-old climate activist said politicians must deliver more ambition on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions