UK energy sector needs “plans not bans”, says GMB chief

The GMB General Secretary has highlighted the importance of having a diverse energy mix in the UK and warned against relying solely on one energy source

Gary Smith, the General Secretary of the GMB Union, addressed the GMB Congress today, stressing the need for a thoughtful energy strategy in the UK.

He cautioned against relying too heavily on just one energy source and called for a mix of energy resources to meet the country’s future needs.

Smith highlighted the importance of energy security and expressed concerns about the UK’s reliance on energy imports from other countries.

He argued that the UK must secure its energy supply and be prepared to face threats from authoritarian regimes worldwide.

Smith emphasised that having a diverse energy mix is vital in achieving our goal of net zero emissions.

During his speech, Smith shared his experiences from a recent trip to Washington, where he discussed US energy policy with members of the Biden Administration.

Responding to the GMB General Secretary’s speech on energy at the union’s annual conference today, Friends of the Earth’s Head of Climate Jamie Peters said: “Ending new gas, oil and coal developments is a no brainer and should be a key policy for any party that’s serious about our nation’s wellbeing and future prosperity.

“There’s no debate that workers’ rights must be part of the move to a zero carbon energy system. Investing in renewables and energy efficiency measures will boost the economy, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, increase energy security and help bring down our energy bills for good.”

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