Solar firm appointing liquidators responds to customer concerns

Green Energy Together has stated that operational difficulties and the withdrawal of key accreditations led to their decision, while exploring potential solutions to minimise customer losses

Green Energy Together (GET), a solar firm facing the appointment of liquidators, has responded to concerns raised by its customers.

A spokesperson from GET has acknowledged the challenges they encountered and their efforts to find viable solutions.

The spokesperson stated, “GET had entered into contracts for the installation of approximately 4,000 residential solar systems as part of the Solar Together Scheme with iChoosr. These projects were spread across four areas in the UK: Cambridge, Warwickshire, Devon, and London.”

They further explained, “The first phase, carried out successfully, was in Devon. Subsequently, GET secured contracts for London and Cambridge. Operational difficulties and inflationary increases in the supply chain running at more than 12% meant the company was only able to complete around half of the 100 or so orders it was taking each week, meaning the London Phase 1 project ended up running at a loss that even profitable contracts in Warwick, London Phase 2, and Cambridge were unable to offset.”

Regarding the decision to appoint liquidators, the spokesperson highlighted, “The shareholders of GET have been supporting the company with loans for several months to cover the London Phase 1 losses. However, the abrupt termination of the company’s membership of HIES, a consumer protection organization, and the subsequent withdrawal of its MCS accreditation as a consequence directly resulted in an inability to fulfil outstanding customer orders. We believe the actions of HIES were entirely unwarranted.”

They acknowledged the challenges faced by customers, stating, “GET informed customers of the challenges it was facing in early April and offered them the option to cancel contracts. Most customers will be covered by either credit card protection or deposit insurance, but a minority are not, and shareholders are currently discussing potential solutions to minimize those losses. We would like to apologize to anyone affected.”

Energy Live News has approached HIES for comment.

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