Smart tariff rewards customers with record payments

Octopus customers were paid up to 20p per kWh of electricity consumed

Octopus Energy’s ‘Agile Octopus’ smart tariff has offered customers the opportunity to earn money for their electricity usage.

The tariff passes on ‘negative’ prices during ‘Price Plunge’ events, which occur when there is excess renewable energy on the grid.

This weekend witnessed a remarkable achievement for Agile Octopus as wind and solar power contributed over 60% of the UK’s energy generation.

Consequently, customers experienced the highest paying and longest ‘Price Plunge’ since the tariff’s launch in 2019.

For a duration of eight hours, between 8am and 4pm, customers were actually paid for using electricity.

Some customers earned up to £22 simply by adjusting their energy consumption, while the top 5% earned an average of £5 during this period.

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