Bump in the road for low emission cars as sales drop

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says efforts to sell green cars have been undermined by ‘confusing policies’ and the ‘premature’ removal of incentives

Britain powers on without coal for a fortnight

As coal plants take up to six hours to warm up and become available on the system, the new record will be set at 3.12pm today

Britain sets new record as it goes coal-free for a week!

The last coal generator came off the system at 1:24pm on 1st May, which means the UK reaches 168 hours without coal at 1.24pm today

Britain blown away by new wind energy record

Onshore and offshore wind farms hit a new high of 14.9GW between 6pm and 6.30pm last Wednesday

Gas and nuclear lead in UK power capacity auction

Britain has secured 50.41GW of backup electricity capacity for delivery in 2021/22. A total of 74.24GW entered the Capacity Market auction – which pays power plant operators to make backup electricity available at short notice – out of which 67.9% were successful. Gas power plants accounted for the lion’s share of the agreements at 29.6GW, […]

Brits lack confidence on fixing climate change

Around 64% of global citizens are optimistic about solving climate change but Brits are less confident. That’s according to new research from non-profit organisation The Climate Group and change agency Futerra, which suggests only 55% of the British public believe the problem can be addressed if action is taken now. The data, based on a […]

Crown estate backs £160m Welsh storage project

The Crown Estate will lease 13 hectares of land for a £160 million grid-scale electricity storage facility in North Wales. Developer Snowdonia Pumped Hydro (SPH) will build the Glyn Rhonwy storage unit near Llanberis. It will have the potential to produce nearly 100MW of electricity using pumped hydro technology. Grid energy storage is used to store electricity […]

Finding Nemo! Belgium power swims to Britain

A new £500 million interconnector that will allow the transfer of electricity between Belgium and Britain has been given the go-ahead by Ofgem. Called Project Nemo, it  is expected to bring an extra 1GW of electricity capacity to the UK when completed in 2019. It will run between Zeebrugge in Belgium and Richborough in Kent […]

Blog: Cold war nukes but not as you know it…

My dad’s a Gurkha. He’s been serving in the British Army for 25 years now and growing up as the daughter of a Captain meant living in army camps since my move to Britain more than a decade ago. Having to go past armed guns with my ID in hand every day when I went […]

‘Seven million people living in fuel poverty’

A total of seven million people, including 2.2 million children, are living in fuel poverty in England. New figures released today claim the number of children “growing up cold” has risen by 26% – or 460,000 – compared to a year ago. One in five Brits have switched off their heating this winter to save […]