‘UK power sector could smash net zero target one year ahead’

Net zero is achievable before 2050, but uncertainties demand immediate action, the ESO has said today

Achieving net zero in the power sector can happen earlier than the target year, 2035.

That’s according to the National Grid ESO‘s report, “Future Energy Scenarios 2023,” which highlights the importance of focusing on key technologies and addressing uncertainties in the short term.

By advancing the decarbonisation of heat and implementing options like vehicle-to-grid, the risk of falling short can be reduced.

The report presents different scenarios for reaching net zero.

The “Leading the Way” scenario achieves net zero by 2046 with annual net emissions of -34 MtCO2e by 2050, effectively removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Both the “Consumer Transformation” and “System Transformation” scenarios reach net zero by 2050.

However, the “Falling Short” scenario does not achieve net zero by 2050 and leaves behind 179Mt of residual emissions.

In terms of the power sector, both the “Leading the Way” and “Consumer Transformation” scenarios reach net zero emissions by 2034, one year earlier than the target of 2035.

The “System Transformation” scenario achieves net zero power sector emissions by 2035, while the “Falling Short” scenario falls behind and reaches net zero in 2046.

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