UK Ecotricity boss unveils ‘UK’s first’ electric airline

In early 2024, Ecojet, will begin operating flights to and from Edinburgh using a fleet of conventional planes that have been retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains

Ecojet, an upcoming airline founded by the boss of energy company Ecotricity, is poised to introduce what is described as the UK’s first electric airline.

With its planned debut in early 2024, Ecojet will initially focus on flight routes connecting Edinburgh.

The airline will use a fleet of retrofitted conventional planes equipped with hydrogen-electric powertrains.

By repurposing older aircraft, the airline anticipates an annual reduction of approximately 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

While awaiting approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, Ecojet will initially operate using conventionally fueled planes.

However, the retrofitting process is expected to commence in 2025, one year after Ecojet’s inaugural flights, as the company seeks to expedite the transition to its hydrogen-electric-powered fleet.

Dale Vince said: “The question of how to create sustainable air travel has plagued the green movement for decades, Ecojet is by far the most significant step towards a solution to date.

“The desire to travel is deeply etched into the human spirit, and flights free of carbon dioxide emissions, powered by renewable energy will allow us to explore our incredible world without harming it for the first time.”

Image: Ecotricity

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