Ireland’s big ambition: More power links with the UK

By 2030, further connections to Britain will be supported beyond the Greenlink Interconnector’s completion next year

With interconnectors facilitating the sharing of electricity between nations, Ireland aims to leverage its growing renewable energy sector to potentially become a net exporter of electricity.

The Irish Government has unveiled ambitious plans to bolster electricity interconnection capacity and explore new opportunities for power links with countries like Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, in addition to strengthening connections with Britain and France.

Ireland plans to establish an additional electricity connection to Britain by 2030.

The new project will complement the Greenlink Interconnector, which is set to be finished next year.

To achieve this, collaboration among key stakeholders, including the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities and EirGrid will be essential, officials said.

The primary focus will be on prioritising projects with the most realistic prospects for timely delivery.

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