‘Nearly half of Gypsy, Traveller communities missed government energy bill support’

Nearly 43% of Gypsy and Traveller households didn’t receive any government support during the energy crisis, according to research

A recent study reveals that a significant proportion of Gypsy and Traveller households were left without vital government assistance during the energy crisis.

The research, a joint effort by National Energy Action and Friends, Families and Travellers, surveyed members of these communities to understand their energy bill management and encountered hurdles in seeking support during this challenging period.

Around 43% of surveyed Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, and Nomadic Community households reported not receiving any government aid throughout the energy crisis.

The study also delved into households’ strategies to cope with the crisis – it revealed that a significant majority, nearly 80%, opted to turn off heating to save money.

More than half of the households, approximately 51%, adopted this approach regularly.

Moreover, over 70% of Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, and Nomadic Community households faced energy costs deemed unaffordable.

For 42%, managing these costs was a struggle, while 23% described it as “quite difficult,” and 9% found it “very difficult.”

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