Smart meter uproar: MPs rally against rollout

Senior Tories want the government to stop the smart meter rollout, fearing it could lead to higher charges and controlled energy usage

The UK’s smart meter rollout is facing fresh opposition from prominent figures within the Conservative Party.

Concerns have been raised that smart meters could pave the way for increased charges through the backdoor, as well as give suppliers the ability to control energy usage during peak times.

Former Energy Secretary Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg and Craig Mackinlay, who chairs the Tories’ backbench Net Zero Scrutiny Group, are leading the charge against the government’s Energy Bill.

Mr Mackinlay expressed his scepticism, saying, “Smart meters are clearly a back-door way of suppliers managing demand at peak times, charging more when they want and cutting off households at the drop of a hat.”

A government spokesperson told Energy Live News: “Smart meters play a crucial role in putting households and small businesses in control of their energy use, saving money on energy bills and offsetting price increases, with more than 32 million now installed across Great Britain.

“We want more people to benefit as soon as possible, and that’s why we’ve set energy suppliers ambitious but realistic installation targets and are working with them to ensure they continue to deliver at scale.”

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