British Gas partners with Samsung for smart energy usage

The partnership integrates SmartThings app to optimise home appliances, offers notifications for peak savings and introduces Samsung heat pumps for efficient heating

Smart energy scheme to support vulnerable customers

The government has launched the “Inclusive Smart Solutions Programme” with £2.75 million in funding to support low income consumers in the transition to a flexible energy system

Ofgem invites input on helping consumers become flexible energy users

The energy regulator has asked for input from stakeholders on how to assist consumers in adopting flexible energy consumption practices

Smart meter uproar: MPs rally against rollout

Senior Tories want the government to stop the smart meter rollout, fearing it could lead to higher charges and controlled energy usage

Smart energy grid to be installed at UK university

The University of Nottingham has received £2 million in funding to create a smart energy grid that will reduce energy bills

How well is the smart energy initiative received by UK utility customers?

We still need to explore some of the different ways smart energy can make life easier and better for providers and consumers, both now, and in the future, especially with the price of energy going up so quickly. 

The day to day impact of smart energy

This blog explores all the ways smart energy can make life easier and better for providers and consumers, both now, and in the future. 

Verv raises £6.5m to scale up smart energy hub

Its technology offers a real-time breakdown of appliances’ energy use and spend as well as enables renewable energy trading

National Grid Explores DSR and Commercial Battery “on the ground” at United Cast Bar site.

Representatives from National Grid visited United Cast Bar UK (UCB), the leading foundry and a successful manufacturer of continuously cast-iron bar.

UK Government to introduce new regulations for smart energy appliances

They will initially apply to fridges and freezers, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and battery storage