Britain smashes flexibility records

Britain’s local flexibility markets saw a record 4.6GW capacity tendered last year, with 2GW successfully contracted

The past year saw a record-breaking 4.6GW capacity tendered in local flexibility markets across the UK, with an estimated 2GW secured.

Nearly 70% of this flexible energy came from renewable energy and low carbon sources like stored energy, solar power and biofuels, according to the latest figures from Energy Networks Association (ENA).

The statistics surface as ENA’s Open Networks programme enters its sixth year, with Ofgem recently acknowledging progress and reaffirming its support as the initiative gathers speed.

Flexible energy services help manage power demand, especially when it’s high and store energy when demand is low, making cleaner energy options like wind power more effective.

Dr Avi Aithal, Head of Open Networks at ENA, said: “Making flexibility accessible to everyone in the UK is vital in helping the nation achieve its net zero goals at the least cost to customers.”

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