Gravity energy storage for cleaner power grids!

Scotland’s Gravitricity has teamed up with a Czech electricity flexibility company to bring their gravity storage technology to market

Drax pushes ahead with ‘UK’s first’ pumped storage hydro plant in 40 years

The company has appointed hydro engineering consultants to optimise plans for its new project

‘UK’s largest’ virtual power plant is growing

Octopus tariff offers EV drivers cheaper rates to charge their cars when the grid is less busy

UK Power Networks launches biggest-ever flexibility tender

UKPN has launched a Flexibility Tender that could potentially unlock more than 500MW of capacity, equivalent to 300,000 homes over the next three years

Homes and businesses to be paid to use off-peak energy

From next month, homes and businesses using the demand flexibility service will be rewarded

How could UK’s wind and solar expansion lead to wasted electricity?

Britain is forecast to have an energy surplus for more than half of the year by 2030

Battery to help hospital slash nearly 50k tonnes of CO2 emissions

Veolia has installed a new battery energy storage system at the 500-bed Rotherham Hospital in the North of England

Wales launches inquiry into grid capacity issues in meeting net zero goals

The Welsh Affairs Committee will be considering current constraints facing the grid and make recommendations to the government on the measures that should be taken to ensure it can cope with added demands

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

Consultant Jon Slowe told ELN the current crisis in the energy market could bring opportunities for the sector

Britain’s grid under extreme weather stress?

Low winds could put Britain’s energy security at great risk, Imperial researchers warn