Ban on forced meters for over-75s

People aged 75 and over in the UK are now protected from having prepayment energy meters forced on them

Energy suppliers are now barred from installing prepayment meters (PPMs) without consent for individuals aged 75 and above in the UK.

Ofgem has enforced the mandatory use of the Code of Practice for the involuntary installation of PPMs by energy companies.

These safeguards have been extended to provide additional protection for vulnerable households, ensuring that they are shielded from unwarranted installations.

Prior to these rules, energy companies had the authority to install meters that required upfront payments for energy services, even if customers did not request them.

This could pose challenges, particularly for older individuals who may find such meters difficult to use or for households with young children.

Neil Kenward, Director for Strategy at Ofgem, emphasised the significance of these protections.

Mr Kenward said: “Protecting the most vulnerable consumers is at the heart of what we do, and this decision not only cements the protections Ofgem put in place for people deemed most at risk, it goes further to protect the most vulnerable households.”

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