Indonesian President commits to sustainable hydropower

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia has committed to sustainable hydropower at the World Hydropower Congress, emphasising international collaboration for a green global economy

Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo, welcomed attendees to the World Hydropower Congress in Bali, reaffirming the country’s dedication to sustainable hydropower.

Mr Widodo emphasised the urgent need for international cooperation in achieving a green global economy.

President Widodo said: “Our Earth is sick, this is no longer global warming, this is global boiling, temperature rises predict 210 million people will be short of water.”

President Widodo’s administration prioritises infrastructure development, including the world’s largest Green Industrial Park in North Kalimantan, predominantly powered by hydropower.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, expressed hope that the event would contribute to global hydropower innovation and support net zero emissions objectives.

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