Good Energy to reward customers for reducing electricity use

Good Energy has launched a scheme that encourages customers with smart meters to reduce electricity use during peak periods, receiving bill credits as rewards

Smart meters

Good Energy has introduced the “Power Pause” scheme, allowing customers with smart meters to earn credits by reducing their electricity consumption during peak periods.

Participating households will receive at least 24 hours’ notice before each “Power Pause” event, which typically lasts from one to four hours.

The initiative aims to ease pressure on the grid during peak demand and avoid the need for backup generators powered by fossil fuels.

Customers will be rewarded based on the rate set by National Grid for the electricity saved compared to their normal usage.

Good Energy Chief Executive Officer Nigel Pocklington believes this programme will help create a greener electricity grid while providing rewards to customers.

Mr Pocklington said: “It’s through working with renewables that we know very well the importance of making our energy use flexible.”

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