National Grid invests £130m in overhead line refurbishment

National Grid is undertaking a project to refurbish and reinforce the overhead line network, spanning 170 kilometres between Lincoln and Stevenage

National Grid has committed £130 million to reinforce its existing overhead line network, spanning 170 kilometres from Lincoln to Stevenage.

The project involves installing 2,919 kilometres of new overhead line conductor to replace the original infrastructure from the 1960s, nearing the end of its scheduled working lifespan.

Three of the four north-south circuits on the electricity transmission network have already undergone refurbishment. The completion of the fourth circuit is anticipated in 2024.

The refurbishment initiative, which began in March 2022, covers two project phases – the first phase, from Lincoln to Peterborough, was completed last year.

The ongoing second phase, from Stamford to Stevenage, has seen the installation of an additional 1,479 kilometres of overhead line conductor.

The final circuit, from Cambridgeshire to Hertfordshire, is scheduled for replacement, marking the conclusion of the project in 2024.

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