Digital underground cable map to drive £5bn economic growth

The digital map aims to increase efficiency, reduce accidental damage and minimise disruptions for citizens and businesses

The National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) has expanded its digital map of underground cables across England and Wales, anticipating an economic growth boost of £5 billion.

This initiative aims to streamline data sharing, enhance construction efficiency and reduce disruptions, with plans for full UK operation by 2025.

Legislative updates are being pursued to facilitate workers’ immediate access to relevant data, significantly reducing processing time from six days to just 60 seconds.

NUAR’s potential applications, such as supporting electric vehicle charge point rollout are under exploration through a new discovery project.

Viscount Camrose, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology said: “The NUAR is on track to transform how the UK manages the pipes and cables beneath the ground.”

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