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National Grid delivers giant transformers for Dunton power boost

Two massive supergrid transformers are set to be delivered to the new Biggleswade substation in Dunton, part of National Grid's collaboration with UK Power Networks

Two large supergrid transformers are scheduled for delivery to the new Biggleswade substation in Dunton as part of a collaboration between National Grid and UK Power Networks.

The transformers, equivalent to 30 African elephants in weight, will be transported from Tilbury Docks to Dunton on Sundays, February 11th and 18th.

Each transformer, weighing 178 tonnes, will play a significant role in changing the voltage of electricity to ensure safe supply to homes and businesses.

The new substation aims to increase power capacity in Biggleswade.

Transporting the transformers involves a carefully coordinated effort, with specialist vehicles travelling at low speeds and police escorts along designated routes.

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