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Extension granted for RTS switch-off deadline

The technology supporting older Radio Teleswitch meters was scheduled to be deactivated by 31st March

The deadline for the switch-off of the technology powering older Radio Teleswitch (RTS) meters has been extended, offering relief to many owners of these devices who were facing an uncertain future.

This impacts nearly one million households reliant on Economy 7 and 10 tariffs, crucial for accessing affordable overnight electricity rates.

RTS technology, introduced in the late 1980s, allows remote meter control by electricity suppliers using BBC’s Radio 4 infrastructure.

The contract supporting RTS metering operations was initially set to expire on 31st March 2024.

An Ofgem spokesperson told Energy Live News: “Ofgem expects suppliers to ensure appropriate metering arrangements are in place for their consumers.

“This includes arranging for the replacement and upgrading of RTS metering equipment before any prospective and date and communicating clearly with consumer regarding this.”

An Energy UK spokesperson told Energy Live News: “We can confirm that agreement has now been reached that ensures the RTS service will continue into 2025.

“Whilst discussions are ongoing to confirm when the RTS service will end, electricity suppliers are contacting households and businesses with RTS to arrange for a smart meter upgrade and we would strongly encourage customers to respond without delay.

“Equally any customers who think they might be affected by this should get in contact with their supplier as soon as possible.”

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