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Energy retrofits for West Suffolk’s older homes

Tenants in West Suffolk benefit from decreased energy costs through energy efficiency upgrades in older properties

Tenants in West Suffolk are experiencing reduced energy costs as landlords and the local council invest in energy efficiency retrofits for older properties.

Among the properties undergoing upgrades are ten homes at the Euston Estate and four Metcalfe Almshouses in Hawstead.

The retrofits include measures such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, ground-mounted solar panels and loft insulation.

These initiatives are funded by government schemes and private investment.

Councillor Gerald Kelly, Cabinet member for Regulatory, Governance and Environment said: “Hearing feedback from residents on the difference the upgrades have made to the properties they live in is incredibly rewarding.

“Not only does it help those living there, the carbon savings that landlords are making on their behalf is truly heartening.”

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