Councils oppose National Grid’s proposal for “damaging” pylons

A plan to install a 180-kilometre network of 50-metre tall electricity pylons has received fierce criticism

Government grants consent for Sizewell C nuclear power station

The project has already been backed by the government

‘Sizewell C licence application met almost all requirements’

Two issues need to be resolved before the licence application moves to the next stage

UK consults on new nuclear reactor at Sizewell C in Suffolk

The Environment Agency is seeking views over a 12-week period on its proposed decision to grant three permits relating for the planned £20m nuclear power plant

Government buys stake in Sizewell C nuclear power station

In January, ministers took a £100 million option in the project

Hundreds protest against Sizewell C nuclear power station

Campaigners have claimed the development will have a significant negative impact on the local community

EDF looks at extending operational life of Sizewell B

The 1.2GW power station could continue operating until 2055

Government ‘plans to take 20% stake in Sizewell C nuclear plant’

The BBC reports French energy giant EDF will also take a 20% stake in the project

National Grid consults on new clean energy infrastructure project

The company plans to reinforce the electricity network between Bramford in Suffolk and Twinstead Tee in Essex

EDF’s Sizewell C nuclear project secures government boost

The Business Secretary has unveiled a £100 million package for the nuclear project in Suffolk