Scotland calls for UK-wide social energy tariff

Scotland’s national advice service advocates for a UK-wide social energy tariff to help alleviate fuel poverty by addressing the shortcomings of the current energy market

Scotland‘s national advice service is urging for the implementation of a UK-wide social energy tariff to address the shortcomings of the current energy market and tackle fuel poverty.

The proposal aims to provide relief to vulnerable households struggling with energy costs, particularly amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Advocates argue that an opt-out system, automatically offering the cheapest deals to eligible customers, could effectively combat fuel poverty by targeting those on low incomes or receiving benefits.

Advice Direct Scotland said: “Social tariffs have been offered by energy suppliers before. An opt-out system should be created across the UK, where eligible customers do not have to take action in order to be offered the cheapest deal.

“By linking eligibility to those in receipt of benefits or on low incomes, a social energy tariff funded by the UK Government and the industry could dramatically reduce fuel poverty.

“All political parties should unite behind a social energy tariff but only the UK Government has the power to act. The Chancellor should use the next Budget to introduce one.”

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