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UK scraps hydrogen town plan

The UK Government has halted plans for a hydrogen town trial until after 2026, citing the need for strategic decisions regarding hydrogen's role in decarbonising heat

The UK Government has announced the suspension of plans for a hydrogen town trial, delaying it until after 2026 as strategic decisions on the role of hydrogen in decarbonising heat are pending.

This decision comes after the government opted not to move forward with a hydrogen village trial in Redcar in December 2023.

The delay reflects a need for careful consideration regarding the future trajectory of hydrogen implementation, especially in light of alternative heat decarbonisation methods such as heat pumps and heat networks.

The government intends to make a comprehensive decision in 2026 on whether and how hydrogen will contribute to heating decarbonisation.

In a statement, officials emphasised the importance of gathering evidence from various sources, including ongoing research programmes, a neighbourhood trial in Fife and similar initiatives across Europe, to inform their decision-making process.

Acknowledging the contributions of gas distribution networks in developing outline plans for hydrogen heating rollouts, the government underscored the value of the evidence provided in shaping future policy decisions.

The government had invited networks to submit applications for funding to develop outline plans for hydrogen heating rollouts in their respective network areas in October 2022.

A spokesperson for the UK Gas Distribution Networks said: “We welcome the clarity which has been provided on a potential Hydrogen Heating Town and continue to support the need to make use of a range of energy solutions if we are to reach net zero in a fair and affordable way for customers that maintains choice.

“As an industry, we will keep working closely with the government to provide the evidence and expertise required to make an informed decision on the future decarbonisation of home heating.”

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