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Energy chiefs urge to scrap daily standing charges

CEOs of Centrica and E.ON have proposed eliminating daily standing charges and introducing a social tariff to ease financial strain on low income households

The bosses of Centrica and E.ON are urging for significant reforms in the calculation of household energy bills.

The CEOs of these companies, Chris O’Shea and Chris Norbury, have proposed the elimination of daily standing charges, which are currently applied irrespective of energy usage and have suggested the implementation of a social tariff to assist low income families with their energy expenses.

During a session with the Energy and Net Zero Committee, O’Shea emphasised the need for a transparent and simplified billing system, advocating for the removal of standing charges and the establishment of a progressive social tariff.

Mr O’Shea highlighted concerns over the uneven distribution of costs based on geographical location, referring to it as a “postcode lottery”.

Chris Norbury, the UK head of E.ON, has endorsed the implementation of a social tariff, emphasising the inadequacy of current support for low income customers.

Mr Norbury stressed the necessity of extending assistance to those who are most in need.

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