Case study: Lessons learned as an early adopter of Demand Side Response

npower’s own Real Estate Team became a guinea pig to trial DSR when the npower Business Solutions team first offered it back in 2010. Here they share their journey and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Guest Blog: Ben Mason – Third party costs are on the increase

Utility Team says it can help customers protect themselves against higher costs now and in the future

Is Green Energy the Future of the US Utilities Sector?

Although the take up of green energy sources has not been uniform in the United States, there can be little doubt that states like California have gone for more renewable energy production from sources like wind power in a big way.

KiWi Power Develops & Launches a Portable Power Meter

If you would like more information about this product or are interested in exploring the Demand Side Response potential of your site, please contact a member of the KiWi Power Sales Team today.

The underused energy management tool that can offset rising energy costs

The non-commodity element of energy costs is set to push prices up considerably over the next few years – yet research by YouGov finds awareness of this seems limited. Energy market expert Ben Spry shares the detail behind the forecasts and assesses the impact Demand Side Response can provide to help mitigate price rises.

Collective switching: waking up the ‘sleepers’

By Phil Ivers, head of customer optimisation at Gazprom Energy.

Market Intelligence: Energy Report September 2018

Pulse Business Energy has written an Energy Market report reflecting the big changes that happened in the Energy market last month and what to expect for the months ahead.

Senior energy decision makers ‘in the dark about rising energy costs’

npower has created a new tool to help businesses predict and plan for the future

Brexit: What Impact Will a “No-Deal” Outcome Have on Energy Supply & Security of Supply?

On 29 March 2019, the UK will cease to be a member of the European Union. With less than 7 months remaining until we make what is sure to be a historic exit, and the increasing possibility of a ‘no deal’ looming, the exact details of the UK’s exit from the European Union are still unclear.

Gulf Gas & Power chooses the UD Group platform

Transformational platform provider for the energy and utilities sector, Manchester-based UD Group, its industry-leading software platform being the preferred choice of Gulf Gas & Power – a leading global fuel and oil brand who have recently ventured into the energy and gas supply business. Representing the latest in a string of new business contract wins […]