Energy CEOs Discuss COP26 and the Big Changes Ahead for the UK’s Networks

CEO’s from three of the UK’s leading energy companies will be having frank discussions about what COP26 means for the future of the energy networks. You can watch the panel debate free and table questions at the Energy Networks Innovation Conference (ENIC21) on Friday 15 October.

Record prices across power and gas, but at what cost?

In this week’s UK energy market podcast episode, Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about record energy prices, why increases are unrelenting and which industries are most challenged.

New partnership promises to help EV fleet operators reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions more quickly

Two leading innovators in the energy world are joining forces to develop radical new products to help operators of Electric Vehicle (EV) fleets cut costs and reduce their carbon footprints.

Building flexibility into your electrical assets

No matter what business you’re in, efficiency is crucial. Whether it’s getting the most out of your resources or streamlining processes.

Astonishingly high prices remain, so when will gas flow and carbon run out of energy?

In this week’s European energy market podcast episode, Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Dr Petra Puskarova about the trilemma impacting gas prices which in turn sustains power prices for European energy buyers.

7 Tips To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

On top of rent or mortgage repayments, many of us find ourselves being left with very little once the rest of our bills and direct debits leave our bank accounts.

How two thirds of UK manufacturers are targeting net zero (and what’s stopping the rest)

One third of manufacturing companies still haven’t made a formal commitment to net zero, according to latest research

Sigma celebrates Pure Planet contract win following vulnerable customer pilot

A business outsourcing specialist has won a new contract to support a 100% renewable energy supplier to manage its most vulnerable or financially challenged customers through ground-breaking new service, Reach:Out.

Green energy consultancy Utility Team promotes Chris Toze to Energy Services Director to strengthen their Energy Services Department.

Utility Team is delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Toze to Energy Services Director.

Envoy – a complete CRM tool for brokers to manage multiple suppliers and customers relationships efficiently

A SaaS CRM tool on the cloud which is very secured, flexible and ensures business continuity & scalability for energy brokers, TPIs and consultants.